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In our most recent endeavour, we offering Spy in the House of Fitzwalter by D. Cullen Nolan. Read more about it below. You can also click on the cover image to be taken to the book's official webpage.

Expanding into the non-fiction biographical genre, Phoenix Tree Publishing is proud to present the story of Melissa and her battle with a brain aneurysm.
Doing Things My Way is a great page turner if you know of someone who has battled with a health issue, and stayed true to theirselves.

There will be more to come from Phoenix Tree Publishing in the future. Exciting and innovative ideas to reach out and grab you.

Spy In The House Of Fitzwalter




is proud to present the first book in the LOST CRUSADER SAGA series.

How many secrets does it take to conquer half the world?  How can a man serve both the King of England and the Tartar Khan? Spy in the House of Fitzwalter is a medieval tale of treachery, tenacity, and truth; of swords and lies, conquerors and spies. Follow Robert de London from Morocco to Hungary, from England to Austria, while he wages war with whispers in the chapel and swords on battlefields of blood.

During the 13th Century, only one man saw King John sign the Magna Carta and the Mongols conquer half the world. Only one man served as envoy, soldier, and spy across Europe, Africa, and Asia. Discover the life of Robert de London in Spy in the House of Fitzwalter, the first epic chapter of the Lost Crusader Saga.
ISBN: 978-0-9820428-1-6

Here for your pleasure is the first 25% of Spy in the House of Fitzwalter.
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Doing Things My Way

is Phoenix Tree Publishing's first foray into biographical books. Melissa De La Rosa tells her story of the events that transpired when she was struck with an aneurysm. Her storytelling is very compelling and makes the book into a great page turner.
ISBN: 978-1467958431